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The Company

In a time of ever-changing regulatory requirements, appearance of new financial risks, and increasing use of sanctions, the modern business relation involves more risks than it involved 20 years ago. In this context, it is crucial for any company, regardless of its size, to be aware of all the legal changes and to comply with the applicable legislation. Non-compliance may cost your business much more than spending resources on compliance, especially if the reputation of the company or a brand is damaged as a result of the violations. In order to avoid such negative consequences, we at Compliance PRO offer a complete range of professional services in the compliance area. Compliance PRO is a Dutch compliance consultancy firm with fresh and unique insights that offer practical tailor-made solutions. We are your independent partner for independent compliance advice and it is our mission to shield our clients from risks and promote sound and ethical business management as our contribution to the good of society.


We are located in the Netherlands, in the centre of Western Europe, on the crossroads of the historical and modern trade routes and business activities. The Netherlands host many international corporations due to their widely recognised favourable business and tax climate, including the widespread use of the English language and its admission for use in the official correspondence with the authorities. All this attracts professionals from all over the world creating a unique multinational business atmosphere, of which we make use for the benefit of our clients. Additionally, we enjoy a logistical flexibility, in no small part due to Amsterdam’s airport being one of the most important European air traffic hubs, and are able to easily deliver our services to any location within Europe and outside.

Our team

Our team consists of international legal and financial professionals with solid educational and work background in their respective fields. The consultants at Compliance PRO have years of knowledge and experience in national and international institutions such as banks, payment institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, energy companies, telecommunications companies, investment firms and in non-profit organizations such as educational institutions and regulators. Functions our consultants have performed there and thus excel at include but are not limited to: a project manager, supervisor/regulator, instructor, interim manager and compliance officer. As a result, they have a pragmatic approach and speak the language of business. They are also able to approach issues from different perspectives and to build bridges and imagine themselves in the situation of the client. Our expertise includes financial markets regulation, company law, labour law, investment, quality management standards, data protection, audit and licensing. The international aspect of Compliance PRO’s team gave birth to the most efficient solutions to your compliance issues by combining theory and practice from different parts of the world. The compliance consultants from Compliance PRO will provide you with highly-professional, client-oriented advice based on the particular features of your industry. Moreover, our compliance consultants speak various languages, such as Dutch, English, French, German, Ukrainian, Russian, thus creating a most trusted relationship with the clients and taking the best approach to clients` issues.


We tailored a contemporary system assuring integrity and stability to your business relationship. The usage of modern databases with details from the most recent sanction lists of the European Union, the U.S. and other countries, the knowledge and skills of our consultants gained in various jurisdictions over the years, in addition to the support of recent IT developments form a unique set of procedures aimed at guaranteeing the best solutions for your business. We aim at providing our clients with the best service be it the counterparties` verification or the full analysis of your internal procedures on compliance with the applicable legislation, in particular, in light of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) having entered into force. Our compliance professionals will support your business activities with the most recent solutions.


Recently, with the assistance of the Compliance PRO team, three trust offices and two payments institutions received the licenses for their activities. Our compliance consultants have monitored more than 2,000,000 financial and non-financial (legal) transactions. The compliance officers of Compliance PRO supported the acceptance of more than 51,000 clients by large and small companies around Europe. But we do not see this as a reason for complacency – our goals are as ambitious as before.

Our clients

According to the current European anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation most of businesses might encounter compliance tasks and challenges in their daily business. Performing know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) procedures is, probably, the most common and less complex of those tasks. However, it is not always possible to meet the regulatory requirements without the assistance of compliance professionals. Therefore, our clients vary in size and field of activities: from trust offices to IT services providers; from banks and payment institutions to trading companies; from small real-estate managing foundations to large investment companies. The principal place of business also may vary a lot, but we are striving to assist clients with their compliance needs in any geographical location and jurisdiction. Globalisation processes, influence of international AML organisations and agencies such as FATF with their universal recommendations, and our unique knowledge make it possible for us to answer a client’s requests even outside our home European area.

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