Even though Belize is a young and small country, it is in many ways uncommon for the region, and its financial sector enjoyed a steady growth, especially in the early 2000s. We have been working here for many years and acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge to assist you with compliance services ranging from full support to specific tasks such as preparing for registered agent application, submitting annual reports to IFSC, or compliance questionnaires for the National Risk Assessment. For additional details and more available services please refer to the section Services of this website.


International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) – a single supervising and AML authority for the non-banking sector, with a few exceptions (see below).

Central Bank of Belize – for the banking sector and some non-bank financial institutions: credit unions, money lenders, remittance service providers.


Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) (Amendment) Act,  International Financial Services Commission Act, Trusts Act, International Banking Act, National Payment System Act, Money Transfer Service Providers Guidelines.


Active as an independent bureau for receiving and investigating suspicious (unusual) transactions reports.