We always appreciate when our clients provide their feedback to our services, and if such feedback takes the form of gratitude for successfully completed projects, it makes us most happy and proud. Here are some of the testimonies:

Working with Compliance PRO was excellent. Every meeting was very productive and insightful. I would even reach out with questions\concerns outside of meeting times and the team at Compliance PRO was very quick to respond and resolve issues. The compliance officer even responded to personal inquiries. Overall the team is very professional and I am glad we chose to work with Compliance PRO.

Trust Office (The Netherlands)

Thank you for all your hard work in helping us become registered as a PI. We appreciate how fast you’ve gotten everything completed, and all the work involved on your end.

PSP (The Netherlands)

I would like to thank you for the professional training provided, based on your multi functional years of experience. This training not only enhanced my AML / Compliance knowledge but groomed my personality as well. Your knowledge, command & experience on Audit, AML / Compliance & Fraud is commendable.

Forex (UK)

Our company was implementing the GDPR into our policies and internal procedures when the management realized they have some misunderstandings of how the consent to process data shall be given by the clients and the employees. The compliance consultants from Compliance PRO guided us on how it should be done. It didn`t take much time to understand as they explained everything in details but in plain language so that everyone from our company could get a clear insight on the data protection policy of the EU. With the help of Compliance PRO we fully GDPR into our activities before the deadline which was in the end of May 2018. I am looking forward to get further assistance of Compliance PRO in preparation for audits.

Telecom provider (The Netherlands)

I am operating in the wholesale trade of electronics and my counterparties are mainly companies from the U.S. and Central Europe. Compliance PRO specialists conducted full monitoring of my transactions before they have been executed as well as they have performed the “know your customer” of my clients. In one case, they identified that one of my clients was included in the sanction list of Israel and they prevented me from having deals with that client, thus eliminated the risk to my business.

Trading Company (The Netherlands)

Compliance PRO consultants conducted a full review of a transaction I was intended to make (sale & purchase of shares). They drafted the scheme of my potential deal and analyzed all the possible risks which could affect my business. In addition, they performed a full review of my counterparty and gave me the insight into the current status of that counterparty. Generally, I am very satisfied with the service, especially, with the client-centric approach. I would definitely revert to Compliance PRO in the future.

Holding Company (The Netherlands)

We planned to request external compliance officer services from the beginning as it would allow us to avoid increasing our compliance expenses too much. After we outsourced our compliance work to COMPLIANCE PRO company it has been a very effective communication, the client dossiers are kept in order, we get well-grounded advice if we consider a new client, and we get notifications of our management obligations on time. It is a pleasure to do business with such a professional team.

Trust Office (The Netherlands)

Compliance PRO specialists first assisted our payment institution to accept 38 clients by conducting deep due diligence research, analysing the source of clients` assets and the flow (origin, destination, A-B-C- transactions) of assets transfers the clients were intended to conduct. Furtherly, the Compliance PRO officers have performed the constant real-time transaction monitoring of these clients for the period of three months, after which they have successfully reviewed all the transactions for AML risks. At the moment, two compliance officers are assisting us to accept 7 more clients. We consider continuing cooperation with the experts of Compliance PRO.

Payment Institution (UK)

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