In Monaco we will readily provide you with our knowledgeable assistance with any compliance tasks you might have, from assisting with obtaining authorisations for regulated activities to the daily correspondence with the regulator SICCFIN. We can also offer you professional service for preparing annual questionnaires and annual AML/CTF reports, audit your internal procedures for compliance with the statutory requirements and more. For additional details and more available services please refer to the section Services of this website.


SICCFIN (Financial Unit of Information and Control) – the main AML/CTF authority.

CCAF (Financial Activities Supervisory Commission) – regulator in the area of assets/funds management.

ACPR (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority) – the French banking supervisor which authorises banks for activities in Monaco.


French Monetary and Finance Code, Monetary Agreement between Monaco and EU (banking), 4th EU AML Directive. National AML legislation consists of the Law No. 1362 on Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Corruption, Act 1.253 (2002 Anti-Money Laundering Law), Act No. 1.338 (financial activities), supplemented by a large number of ordinances.


Not separated as an agency. SICCFIN is handling reporting of suspicious (unusual) transactions.