Enhanced Due Diligence Report on a Company

Enhanced Due Diligence Report on a Company


Product Description:

Due diligence is the core of an appropriate anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing system. In order to understand and mitigate client-inherited risks for your business it is vital to collect background information, check the persons involved against sanctions lists, look for adverse media etc. In certain situations the AML legislation demands businesses to conduct an enhanced due diligence. This can be, for example, in case of a client originating from a high-risk country (with low CPI-score, or in the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions by FATF). ‘Enhanced’ means not only identifying and verifying the person, and gathering basic information, but also looking deeper into possible involvements in money laundering and terrorist financing, and performing a source of wealth investigation. This thorough due diligence is not possible without access to databases containing PEP-lists (politically exposed persons) and criminal records. Compliance PRO specialists are proficient in conducting due diligence and have all the necessary means and tools for providing you with a top-notch enhanced due diligence report. We are the professionals best suited for delivering a solution when your business is exposed to a high risk of counterparty/transaction.

It is a necessary part of AML/CTF procedures often mandatory for service providers, but it is also important for mitigating purely commercial risks of your business. Many factors which can be discovered during (enhanced) counterparty due diligence may impact the way in which you are working with this particular company, financial terms, guarantees or, in the most extreme scenario, your decision to reject the customer and report a suspicious activity to the authorities. Our professionals have an extensive experience with customer due diligence, and are trained in the way of identifying and investigating possible risks and suspicious details. Therefore, Compliance PRO is your best choice for delegating this task when you need top quality results.

Country: Any

Language: English

Designed for: Any business

Pages (A4): Dependent on the volume of information discovered

Content: A complete report consisting of information and findings regarding the company in question, including results of databases checks, open sources investigation, trade register information and history, financial statements and reports (if applicable), information of affiliated persons/companies, open litigation etc.

Comments: If you require enhanced DD on a company to fulfill your legal obligations, take note that AML/CTF legislation normally demands that ultimate beneficiary owners (UBOs) of that company are identified and subjected to CDD as well.

Price: 99 EUR

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