The United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

For many years the UAE have been developing as a modern, innovative and financially stable jurisdiction in the Middle-East, and due to the attractiveness of the Dubai International Financial Centre’s (DIFC) financial free zone the interest from foreign investors and businesses does not decline. It is one of the reasons our team works in Dubai and has a first-rate experience here with compliance. We can perform a great range of tasks, from AML trainings for your personnel to annual AML reporting to DFSA. However, should you have compliance issues with which you need help in other parts of the UAE, we are ready to accept a challenge and look for the best solution to your problem. For additional details and more available services please refer to the section Services of this website.


Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA) – the single AML authority in Dubai for DIFC-based financial and corporate businesses, including service providers, trusts, payment and market institutions, administrators of funds and assets etc.

UAE Central Bank – for Dubai banking institutions, also for exercising FIU functions.


Federal Law regarding the Criminalisation of Money Laundering, Federal Law regarding Combating Terrorism Offences, supplemented by the AML Module of the DFSA Rulebook.


The Anti-Money Laundering Suspicious Cases Unit (AMLSCU) is the part of the UAE Central Bank and is performing FIU functions, and must receive suspicious transactions reports (DFSA has to be notified about such reports).

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